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  • The Fresh Company - <a href=@jazelxlim">


    "The Fresh Company is as fresh as you hear it's name. Yummy plant-based protein to give your body what it needs :)" - Jazel Lim

  • The Fresh Company - <a href=@say_shazril">


    "I've been taking whey protein ever since I hit the gym in 2014. Tried multiple brands & types to find the right one for me as some whey caused intolerance, some caused breakouts. When I was introduced to pea protein my 1st reaction was "will this work?". However after taking it for few weeks I was totally impressed. No bloating, no breakouts, no side effects. What I love about the pea protein from The Fresh Company is definitely the taste & consistency. Easily dissolved & it taste amazing! Highly recommended to those who are looking for alternative." - Dr Shazril Shaharuddin

  • The Fresh Company - <a href=@kayleyxchaii">


    "I really love The Fresh Company’s protein drink as it tastes really good & smooth! I never enjoyed consuming protein on other basis, because it usually causes 'heatiness' in my body, and makes my skin breakout. But, after consuming this plant-based protein, i never had skin problems/ breakouts again 😄" - Kayley Chai

  • The Fresh Company - <a href=@norsoraya">


    “I’m now convinced to take protein shakes! Love that it’s tasty and I’ve found a ‘Fresh’ new take on my protein!” - Norsoraya

  • The Fresh Company - <a href=@thejasonchee">


    “Overall, I think The Fresh Company's plant-based protein is a very high quality product. I have never seen such fine powder for any protein powder before - You guys did an extensive filtering for it. Great job for being so detail-oriented! Because it does not contain dairy, the protein works well for my stomach as well.” - Jason Chee

  • The Fresh Company - <a href=@riallyitsme">


    “It’s my first time actively taking protein and I’ve started to notice that my body’s coping better with the physical demands of my job. Whenever I’m out, I get a small carton of plant-based milk and shake it together. It’s really easy to consume!” - Ria



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