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What are 'conscious eating' habit?

Save the planet, one bite at a time!

We are here not to discriminate those who loves eating meat. In fact, we at The Fresh Company believes that we should consume everything in moderation.

Many of us have been reducing meat and dairy in our diets by going on plant-based diet and is becoming increasingly popular around the world. To make an impact, it takes more than than just effort, it requires commitment and change of mindset. Stopping dairy and meat products completely isn't what we are suggesting in this article. It would be a great deed we are doing to Mother Nature and to be mindful of our eating habits. 

Question is why should we go to all these efforts? 

Asian and western diets have heavy effect on the food system. This diet produces 30% of greenhouses gas emissions and all of it is from agriculture alone with the biggest culprits coming from livestock. To set aside the difference, plants have the lowest emissions compared to beef, pork, chicken, lamb, etc; but the health benefits from plant-based diets exceeds livestocks. 

To make in impact this lifestyle needs to happen on a global scale and it's not up to an individual but it definitely starts with them. There is a Malay saying, "sedikit sedikit, lama lama menjadi bukit" in literal translation means a little by little, it will eventually be a hill. Being a vegan is not an easy task and it takes a lot of mental and physical strength. Given the situation, stopping meat and dairy for a month seems feasible but forever sounds tough. We should be mindful and conscious about eating habits because in the long run, it is not healthy for the planet. 

Here are some food for thoughts on how you can make a difference.

carbon emission.jpg

Choosing Low Emission Products 

Livestock are accounted for around 14.5% of the world's greenhouse emission each year, particularly from cows. When we put numbers into perspective, it's the same as the emissions from cars, trucks, airplanes and ships combined in the world today. 


Live Life with a Healthier Heart

Up for a challenge to live a healthier life? You can start by increasing your fibre intake and cutting down on saturated fats which will lower your risk of coronary heart disease. 

Lessen Meat Intake

As much as going full vegetarian sounds tough, you can definitely start cutting down. There is so much to offer in the market such as our very own local plant-based meat by Phuture Foods


Give up Dairy and Meat

This will be a tough one for a lot of us. Most of us loves butter and cheese so much, it's hard to give it up but living in this modern age, there are many food technology companies experimenting with lab grown meat and finding alternative to create cheese and butter from plant-based ingredients. 

Magic of Beans and Peas

There are abundant of peas and beans on earth such as lima beans, chickpeas, lentils, and cannellini. Most of them are considered superfood as there are some high in protein. We live in a world where real men eat meat but this is wrong. Did you know you can get as much protein from peas and beans too? 

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